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Business Proposal For Door Security Device Essay

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Business proposal for door security device

Table of Contents
1 Chapter 1 - Introduction 3
1.1 Background 3
1.2 Problem statement 3
1.3 Objective 3
1.4 Significance of the business case 3
2 Chapter 2 – Design 4
2.1 Overview 4
2.2 Standard and specification 4
2.3 Key features 6
2.4 Designated method 7
3 Chapter 3 – Manufacturing 8
3.1 Materials 8
3.2 Manufacturing strategy and process 9
3.3 Automation industry 9
4 Chapter 4 – Logistics 11
5 Chapter 5 – Marketing 11
5.1 Pricing Strategy 11
5.2 Promotion Strategy 11
6 Chapter 6 – Economics 12
6.1 Bill of materials 12
6.2 Forecast analysis 14
7 Chapter 7 – Conclusion 14
8 Chapter 8 – References 15

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Door security device is a highly well-known mechanism in the domestic area. The device protects probabilities of theft in the house. Multiple new inventions were consistently in line with the technologies of the world to make a door lock smarter than it looks.

In the current market, door lock does not only consist of key-lock turning, but also including the thumbprint recognition device, key-code digitalization or even better, voice and iris recognition. Some device may combine all these technologies together so that the door to the neighbourhood-house is well-protected. The usage door security device correlates with the preventable property of crimes rising.

Problem statement
Since door security has various designs and technologies, this paper is to produce a product that will be competitive with those already available on the market, and which will be cost effective to manufacture. The company used for this business proposal would be called XYZ company. The related field of that will be touched on are the manufacturing strategies and new invention product strategies.

The objectives of this business proposal are:
  1) To explain the principles and operations of advanced manufacturing...

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