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Business - Music Industry Essay

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Saeed Al Naqbi, Kristen Dethlefsen, Jose Martinez, Emily Moran, & Tam Vu - Team 1
Intro to Business: Report Draft
November 18, 2013

For our generation music at our fingertips is something that we take for granted but upon further examination of the history of the music industry it was not always like that. The transition that the music industry has undergone is fascinating to study. We begin our examination at the dawn of sheet music and the invention of phonautograph and the phonograph, then continue onto the use of vinyl records, the transition to cassettes and CD’s, the current digital music age, and how music is promoted in the digital age. The music industry has taken many twists and turns to get to where it is today.
The Pre-Vinyl History of Music (Emily Moran)
Sometimes it is hard to believe that music was not always available in a split second from our iPods. People our age, we remember CD’s as something of our childhood and only can vaguely recall our families listening to cassettes. But way before the dawn of modern technology, listening to music was only a live experience. To hear music, a person had to be in the presence of a musician simply because at that time there was no way to replicate and transport music. The first opportunity to replicate and transport music came with the development of sheet music. In 1501, Ottaviano Petrucci, an Italian printer, printed the first book of sheet music printed from movable type. The book titled “Harmonice Musices Odhecaton” included 96 pieces. The printing of sheet music at this time was very labor intensive due to the nature of the printing press. If a note was printed slightly off its place on the music staff, it could change the note completely to the reader (Pack, 2007, p. 46-47). Despite the difficulties that came along with printing sheet music its affect on the music industry was immense. As Thomas Pack (2007) notes, “Sheet music could be distributed more widely, more quickly, more efficiently,...

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