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Business Consulting Essay

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Every business at one time has wanted to improve the way some or all of the departments function.   For some businesses, they are wanting to improve every day; it is a never ending project for them.  
Business Consultant
Business consultants are excellent people to confide in for improving business practices.   Consultants will work with the company or business to improve performance in various departments of the company; anything from Accounting to Human Resources and Product Management to Safety.   A business consultant should have the ability to analyze and interpret procedures, rules and regulations of a company in order to best assist them with solutions in workforce development.  
Roles and Responsibilities
His or her agenda will contain several steps.   A consultant will need to define the problems that the organization is having by simply listening to the client and evaluating policies.   Once the consultant has established a starting point, they must collect data and information.   This will include speaking with other members of the organization, looking at documents pertaining to the organization such as financial statements or incidental report forms, and maybe even shadowing the clients.   After looking at the data that is collected, the consultant can then begin to establish the facts.   Once the consultant has gathered the information from their client and have analyzed it, they can then begin to draw conclusions which are valid to the organization.   He or she would administer the findings from the analysis that was conducted to the client. The consultant should possess the ability to present the information to the client in a professional manner as well.   At this time, it could be determined if the consultant has fulfilled all the needs of the client or if the client would maybe like another department of the business examined.  
Here is an example of utilizing a business consultant.   A restaurant owner, Mike, has begun to notice that the...

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