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Business Communication Essay

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Below is an essay on "Business Communication" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Abstract 4
2. Introduction 4
3. About the Organization 5
3.1 Reasons for Selecting the Organization 5
4. Forms of communication in the Organization 5
4.1 Verbal Communication 6
4.1.1 Standard Operating Procedures 6
4.1.2 Letters, Circulars and Email 6
4.1.3 Website 7
4.1.4 Meetings 7
4.1.5 Telephone Communication 8
4.2 Non-Verbal Communication 8
4.2.1 Personal Appearance 8
4.2.2 Facial Expressions 9
4.3 Graphic Communications 9
5. Main Form of Communication which the Organization is reliant on 9
6. External Communication 10
6.1 Letters, Emails, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter 10
7. Success factors that lead to good quality of communication in Allied Insurance Company 10
7.1 Organizational Structure 10
7.2 Good relation between the clients and customers 11
8. Barriers to effective communication 11
8.1 Unavailability of executives 11
8.2 Angry Customers 11
8.3 Rare Injustice between employees 12
9. Recommendation 12
9.1 Implement E-Signature 12
9.2 Recruit more staff to the customer service 12
9.3 Strong Teamwork among the employees 12
9.4 Insurance awareness programs 12
10. Conclusion 13
11. References 14

1. Abstract
This report is based on effective communication practiced in Allied Insurance Company. All the information’s provided in this report are through customer enquiries, company website and other social medias such as youtube (webTV), twitter and facebook. This information’s are further detailed and compiled in a report format from the knowledge I got from Business Communication lecture classes and tutorials. Mainly, this report contains forms of communication seen in Allied Insurance Company, their success factors for effective communication, certain barriers which leads to the effective communication process and some recommendations which I have profound that will help the organization to strengthen their success factors by overcoming the barriers caused by the communication process.
2. Introduction...

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