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Busines Essay

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Which of the time stealer’s found here could impact on your personal performance in varying work conditions? Using the table provided, mark the areas that might affect your personal performance. Which of the time stealer's you marked on the list can be fixed by you? What method would you use for dealing with each of the time stealer’s and thereby improving your personal performance?

Make a list of any other contingencies that might directly impact on your personal performance and explain how these things can be accommodated in work plans.

Make a list of five KPIs that might be used to measure personal performance.

What do you do to take initiative to prioritise and facilitate competing demands? These competing demands might relate to your personal or work life.

Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles to achieving personal, team and organisational goals and objectives. Discuss the types of tasks that you have a tendency to procrastinate over, explain why this is and then develop and record a strategy for ensuring that you do not procrastinate in the future. These tasks might relate to your personal or work life.

What technology do you currently use to efficiently and effectively to manage your priorities and commitments? These might be work or personal priorities and equipment?

Write a short report discussing the pros and cons of using technology managing work priorities and commitments.

Is your life/ work balance how you would like it to be? Why? Why not?

What changes do you need to make to achieve this balance?

Undertake some research into the impact that too much stress can have on workers. Discuss why each person reacts differently to stressors. What can you, in a management role, do to minimise negative stress in the workplace and ensure stress is effectively managed and health is attended to?

Think about a job you hold now. Identify the personal knowledge and skills required in this job. What competencies would you...

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