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Bus304 Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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Company Comparison
Company Comparison
In this paper the writer compares and contrasts two companies. One company follows green and sustainable practices and the other does not. A summary of each company is provided and an analysis performed to describe what makes the green and sustainable business different from the traditional business. The analysis also compares the mission statements. The perspectives of the employee, consumer, business, community, and society are considered in analyzing benefits associated with green and sustainable business practices.
Summary of Companies
American Electric Power (AEP) and Green Mountain Energy (GME) are the two organizations chosen for analysis in this paper. American Electric Power is one of the largest energy producers in the United States. The company is also one of the most notorious polluters of the United States. Ninety-nine percent of the company’s power is generated by fossil fuel powered or nuclear plants. Only one percent of the company’s production comes from renewable energy sources (American Electric Power, 2010). According to the Sierra Club, American Electric Power is the largest contributor to mercury pollution in the United States (Sierra Club, 2006).
According to the company website Green Mountain Energy is the only power retailer in the United States dedicated to the provision of green and renewable energy (Green Mountain Energy, 2011). The company has helped create more than 50 renewable energy sources nationwide and continues to drive the development of cleaner energy projects through the provision of carbon offset solutions and cleaner energy (Green Mountain Energy, 2011). Competitors of Green Mountain Energy include traditional power producers such as American Electric Power and other providers of carbon offset solutions such as Terrapass (Environmental Data Services, 2011).
Business Goals
Green Mountain Energy is focused on the provision of cleaner energy...

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