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Bus Law Essay

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Business Law Final Paper |
  BUSINESS LAW (2012-06-LAW-201-OL009) |
Thomas Oester |
8/20/2012 |

Knarles and Barkley own a father and son company, Facilities Maintenance Company, based in Maryland.   Their company has contracts with businesses in several states like; the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland.   Barkley is the son of Knarles and the company agent when his father is not available.   At the age of 17 currently Barkley is a minor.   They employ three other individuals, which only one of whom is a licensed plumber.   This company maintains orally renewed contracts with businesses in each of the above listed states.   According to the contract Knarles and Barkley can be compensated anywhere between $2000 and $4000 dollars for work performed under the stated contracts. The company also holds an oral contract with the licensed plumber under their employment.   It is stated in the contract that the company will pay for the renewal of the employees plumbing license while under their employment.   The original contract with the employee was negotiated for two years, four years ago.   Mr. Barkley acting on behalf of his father Knarles failed to renew the license.   While Knarles was away Mr. Barkley entered into a contract with Mr. Ian Chetum.   Mr. Chetum then requested that Mr. Barkley inform his plumber to quickly fix instead of replace a recalled boiler. The boiler was recalled by Housewarm the manufacturer because of a carbon monoxide ventilation problem.   Mr. Knarles became aware of the people that became sick from carbon monoxide inhalation at Mr. Chetum’s building.   He was also informed by other business professionals about Mr. Chetum lack of character and illicit behavior in business dealings.   Mr. Knarles decided to terminate the contract initiated by his son with Mr. Chetum and returned all monies not used for materials and labor.   Mr. Chetum is suing for breach of contract against the Knarles and Barkley facilities company.  
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