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Burnout Essay

  • Submitted by: Jaszmarie09
  • on March 19, 2012
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`Burnout is a common problem that happens for a reason in your life. It can threaten your job, your relationship, and your health. In the article I am writing about it tells you how reducing stress levels can greatly improve health and quality of life. It also tells you yoga is the best way to reduce stress and burnout. There are many ways to help prevent burnout and a lot of physical signs, symptoms, and causes to let you know if you are going through the stage of a burnout.
            Being emotional, mental, and physically exhaustion are all apart of being in the state of a burnout. It reduces the productivity and takes away energy. Feeling helpless and unappreciative are all feelings of being burnout. Especially when a person is feeling cynical and resentful that’s when they are really burnout and need yoga. Yoga will be used to help a person be stress free.
            Burnouts are signs of stress. Stress leads to breathing problems, heart problems, and much more. The yogic remedy is to slow down the breathing. When doing yoga they have you to breathe through your nose then out through your mouth. When doing yoga they say it is more common to breathe in deeper. When breathing in deeper it calms down the heart rate, which relates to chapter three in the personal health book. Heart racing is caused from being stressed which deals with your breathing rate. Breathing can also be controlled.
            Yoga is the remedy to solving stress problems. Everyday should not be a bad day; nor should a person be exhausted all the time. Yoga should be used daily to help clear the mind. It is used to stimulate the mind and the body. This is so that your body will have its full potential and use all the parts as well as an unstressed person would do. If yoga was used daily stress would be something people wouldn’t really have to worry about.
            In conclusion, stress and burnout is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to make you tense, irritable, upset, and...

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