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Burberry Essay

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Burberry Group Plc

Nowadays, the business environment is not stable; instead it is dynamic and constantly changing, becoming more complex. It is crucial for management of the organizations to understand the markets in which they operate, due to geographical distances, risk, uncertainties and other influential factors, which will be discussed later in this report. Firstly, the meaning of the International marketing needs to be defined. International marketing require the company to make one or more marketing mix decisions across national borders. Moreover, it includes operating across a number of foreign country markets in which both the uncontrollable variables vary considerably between one markets to another, and the controllable factors such as cost and price structures, opportunities for advertising and distributive infrastructure are also expected to differ significantly (Doole and Lowe, 2004). When company decides to operate on international level, it has to deal with more complex issues, so management requires knowledge and awareness of the these issues, this is where analysis of the international market takes place and plays a pivotal role.
Burberry is one of the famous designer brands in the world was established by a 21 year old Thomas Burberry. The first, relatively small shop opened in Basingstoke, England.   Burberry gained its popularity during the First World War when it won the contract to supply trench coats to the British army. Later on, Burberry was also worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, which increased their popularity even more. Those were the first steps of establishing their brand image. So, named the "Trench coat" as a result of its military associations, the company developed its own distinctive Burberry check that gave them a way of product differentiation. Nowadays, sales of the Trench coats are accounted for over the half of the sales revenue, which mean that the outerwear is still...

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