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Bull Durham Essay

  • Submitted by: cgorgorian
  • on March 18, 2012
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“Field of Bull”
Realism is all about showing the truth. A realist will try to defend the assumptions that their film ideas are not influenced, but are a true mirror of the actual world. We rarely notice the style in a realistic movie; they often aim for a gritty look, with the idea that if it’s too pretty, it’s false. Their films are about everyday people and everyday situations. At the opposite side of realism, we have Formalism. Formalist directors have no desire to show reality. They want to show their personal vision of the world and how they want their audience to view it. They are concerned with mythical and spiritual truths that can best be represented by distorting the image of reality. Classicism to bring in a third theory is all about ideal storytelling, it lies somewhere in between realism and formalism. (Understanding Movies 5) The goal of a classicist is to tell a story in the best way possible. They want you to get caught up in the characters and their problems, to feel what they feel, but not be distracted by the filmmaking techniques. The two films we screened in class Bull Durham directed by Ron Shelton, and Field of Dreams based on the novel Shoeless Joe directed by Phil Alden Robinson both demonstrate these film theories throughout their movies but in a very different matter.

Bull Durham is a great realistic example of what the sport of baseball means to the men who play it. It's all about the dreams, the desire to compete, and the ultimate goal to one day be part of the “show.” The players in the minors endure long, hot days of riding sub par buses, while making a barely livable wage, just for one shot at making it to the big leagues. Bull Durham was able to show the passion behind the sport, without overly misrepresenting the image of professional athletes. The players aren't illustrated as heroes but instead they're shown as passionate men who live to play the sport they love. Despite not being a movie entirely about baseball, Bull Durham...

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