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Bright or Gloomy Days to Come? Essay

  • Submitted by: nadineandreaa
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Bright or Gloomy Days to Come?
How do you foresee the future? What will the planet that we inhabit be like fifty years from now? Many people tend to visualize what the world will be like in a nearby future. Some say it will develop into a more beneficial and profitable place to live in due to the significant advancement in technology and science. Yet, are we sure that these resources will benefit   and help gain the skills and requirements a human being needs in order to live a gratifying life? In the past years many controversies in the world have emerged leading us to question if the world will be an exceptional place to live in many years from now. Difficulties such as health issues, newly found diseases, pollution, government and politics corruption, and even conflicts between nations such as wars and fights can have a crucial impact in tomorrow’s world. Many of these issues have already taken part of our daily lives and have let us see all the damage and destruction that they have caused. These dilemmas are a foreshadowing of how our world will be shaped and impacted in the future if the issues continue to increase as years pass by. The world we will envision in the future will not offer better opportunities and living expectations due to the fact that human beings will encounter many complications such as personal, medical, political and financial problems as a result of the issues being caused in today’s world.
To begin with, the immense amount of toxins being released into the atmosphere is causing the world to slowly stop functioning as it once did. Pollution is greatly increasing and filling up the air that goes directly into our lungs. When we inhale the pollution, we are harming ourselves without even feeling it or noticing it. Many people do not pay notice to pollution or global warming due to the amazement they have over the technology that causes such harmful things. Cars and factories that produce many necessary items prevent people from noticing...

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