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Bribery Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Bribery can be defined as consideration given for obtaining favourable decisions. Efficacy of bribery is rooted in the well-entrenched motive of self-interest in human beings. Since bribes cater to the self-interest of people, they have become a generally accepted means of getting things done. Bribery is a short-cut resorted to by the needy people who are likely to be at a comparative disadvantage if the decision is delayed. Increasing resort to bribes in ail walks of life is due to the growing belief among general public that every man has a price, that is to say he can be made to deliver a favourable decision if he is paid the price for it.
Many people still attach a stigma to the practice of bribery without realising that they often unwittingly practice it themselves. A child is promised a toy in return for good performance in his studies. Gods are offered bribes in return for compliance with the wishes of the devotee. Many unscrupulous and rich people build temples for gods to win their favour. Whatever may be the publicly pronounced motives for such undertakings, strong motive for winning favour from gods cannot be denied in most cases.
The appeal of bribery is directly proportional to the desire for money both on the part of giver and the recipient. Although money is sometimes called a means to an end that is life, it has been increasingly perceived as an end in itself by a very large part of humanity. Money can buy not only the necessities of life like house, food and clothes; it can buy comforts and luxuries too.
There is almost no limit to the refinement of clothes, variety of food and magnificence of dwelling houses which money can procure for the wealthy. Money is now almost universally accepted criterion for social status. The topmost politicians and the civil servants don't fight shy of being seen in the company of the ill educated and the dishonest businessmen and industrialists.
Bribery among the government employees is the most talked about...

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