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Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck Tour 2013 Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Passage: What innumerable follies laid waste my waking and sleeping thoughts after that evening! I wished to annihilate the tedious intervening days. I chafed against the work of school. At night in my bedroom and by day in the classroom her image came between me and the page I strove to read. The syllables of the word Araby were called to me through the silence in which my soul luxuriated and cast an Eastern enchantment over me. I asked for leave to go to the bazaar on Saturday night. My aunt was surprised, and hoped it was not some Freemason affair. I answered few questions in class. I watched my master's face pass from amiability to sternness; he hoped I was not beginning to idle. I could not call my wandering thoughts together. I had hardly any patience with the serious work of life which, now that it stood between me and my desire, seemed to me child's play, ugly monotonous child's play.

Thesis: Joyce associates “ugly monotonous child's play” and the “work of life” in order to forecast the boy’s future anguish with such events; which will prevent him from achieving his true goals at Araby.
Focus: The boy sees the classroom as monotonous, this forecasts future troublesome “work[s] of life” he will encounter later in the story. He is kept from his goal by trivial everyday things; such as his Uncle being late. This paragraph illustrates what keeps him from his goal. He tries to rush to the freedom of adulthood; however he is chained down by the child’s play he should be doing.

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