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Bread, Baking and Browning Essay

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Bread, Baking & Browning

Dough formation is the precursor to make breads. Also, Yeast is needed in this process for production of CO2 and so lead to expansion of the dough. Baking is a cooking method that uses prolonged dry heat by convection.1 After baking the dough, the crust turns brown. In this practical, we studied the factors that influence dough rising, the brown appearance of the baked breads and the effects of chemical leavening agent on both hard and soft flour.

  1. A. Dough Formation
Through making a dough by kneading and proofing, we investigate the factors that influence dough rising.

Result and analysis
After adding all the ingredients, the mix became more and more elastic while we kneaded it and finally it became a dough. After the dough is placed in warm oven at 38oC for one hour, it has risen to about twice of its original volume and softer. Temperature, time, quantity of water and yeast, as well as salt are the factors that influence dough rising.2

Yeast is extremely sensitive to temperature and the best temperature for yeast to grow is at 30-37oC 3 which is near the temperature that we used (38oC).
The longer the yeast is allowed to work, the more gas is created. The dough is ready for baking when it has doubled its volume.2
The quantity of yeast depends on the surrounding temperature, more yeast for very cool environment and less yeast for very hot environment.2
The quantity of water affects the flexibility of dough. If the dough is too stiff, the dough will rise improperly and slowly.
Salt affects yeast growth. If the dough is too salty, it will impede yeast growth because salt kills yeast.2 As a result, the bread rising is slowed down.

Dough rising can be affected by temperature, time, salt, quantity of water and yeast.

B. Baking
Finding out the effects of baking on the dough by putting it into a pre-warmed oven at 200oC for 45mins.

Result and analysis

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