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Brain and Mind Essay

  • Submitted by: tayrenee98
  • on September 2, 2013
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Brain and Mind
PHI 208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning
Instructor Nicholes
June 9, 2013

Brain and Mind
When we get into the philosophical questions of why and how we look further into the functions of the brain and mind.   Are they the same thing or is there a difference?   Does our mind only control our movements and functions and are mind control thinking, feeling, knowledge and emotions?   There are many debates between philosophers past and present and neurologist and neurobiologists between if the mind and brain are one or separate.
The brain is an organ of our human bodies.   It is housed within our skull and has an actual mass that consists of millions of neurons, or nerve cells.   These neurons connect with other neurons and cause an electrical pulse to give our bodies a command of function or movement. The brain is not a visual portion of our brain but yet a conscious part of our brain that controls the knowledge that we learn from the day that we are born.   The brain is the computer and the mind is the person controlling the computer.   In other words our mind sends signals to our brain that then sees or does what the mind intends.
When humans are developing in the womb, their brain is developing with working neurons.   When a human is born, the neurons start to cross wires and fire electrical pulses that trigger the mind to work and start to take in knowledge of what the brain sees and does through it senses.   The child then learns many things each day just by watching and storing the information in the mind.   This builds knowledge and eventually the child learns to use his or her mind for brain functions such as grabbing toys, crawling, walking, and talking.   The mind of a child is a brilliant mind but also a fragile mind.   A child learns only what they see being done during their upbringing.   They do not yet have a set of morals to know right from wrong.   That is a trait that is learned over time.   The way we teach our children is the most important...

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