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Boomerang Kids Essay

  • Submitted by: Lauriegonzales
  • on September 1, 2013
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Boomerang Kids

The trend of adult children moving back in with their parents in order to survive financially.

Have you noticed more adult children are moving back home   with their parents? I have. I have 4 adult

children that have moved back home for periods of time over the last 2 years. It seems that they are not

able to make it financially on their own. I know that it is not only my children that are having a hard

time, several families are experiencing the same issues with their children.

Reason 1:

The kids don’t make enough money to afford rent and basic necessities

      Evidence 1:

      Today’s economy:

      In today’s economy it is getting increasingly harder to survive financially. Wages have not kept

      up with increasing inflation therefore forcing people to choose between buying food or paying

      rent/mortgage payments.

      Evidence 2:

      Unemployment rate:

      The unemployment rate is higher now than it has been in the US since the days of the Great

      Depression. More people have completely exhausted their Unemployment Benefits than ever

      before. These people are no longer drawing unemployment funds and they are losing their

      homes. With the lack of jobs and no money coming from unemployment, people are turning to

      their parents or families for food and shelter.

      Evidence 3:

      Educational Challenges

      Colleges are seeing an increase in enrollments. I think it is partially because the jobs that may be

      available require college degrees. Most young people are turning to their local colleges for this

      reason. For a young person with little to no working experience it is difficult for them to obtain

      Employment in a workforce that has little to no jobs available.

Reason 2:

Kids are in debt

      Evidence 1:

      Kids get out of college with debt from loans,...

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