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Book Talk On A Concise History Of Foreign Policy Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Book #1
Kaufman , Joyce. A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy. 2nd ed. Rowman & Little Publishers Inc, 2010. Print.
A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy by Joyce Kaufman, is a nonfiction book that attempts to explain the basic concepts and events of America foreign policy. The book is formatted like a textbook and is written as dryly and as factually as one. Kaufman is a professor of political science at Whittier College and wrote this book to teach to her classes. The diction is simple yet effective but the way that Kaufman explains the concepts shows that the book is intended for the young to middle age and up audience. The book is told from a third party’s perspective and is not openly biased. This book is not meant for entertainment nor is it a light read. It is purely for informational purposes and spreading awareness on a topic that is not widely known. Like textbooks, this book was not clearly biased but Kaufman left a few hints on her opinions after every concept or event that she explained. The book has a basic chronological order starting with George Washington and ending with Barrack Obama. Kaufman does not go from president to president or year by year but instead graces general trends and changes in U.S. foreign policy.
The author keeps a constant pattern in every chapter in order to create a more dynamic rapport with the reader. First, she uses a current even or a quote from a modern well known person to begin each chapter. Secondly, at the end of major chapter, she includes a “what would you do if...” section in which she paints a historically accurate scenario and puts you in the president’s seat. By asking questions Kaufman makes the reader emphasize with the leaders having to make the decisions at the time. The overall main idea in this book is to support politicians and the way they govern because even if they make mistakes, they have tried to lead the country to the best of their ability. From my previous research, the topics that...

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