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Book of James Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: Smurfsup
  • on June 24, 2014
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One of the passages I liked is the “Sins of the Tongue”. This story is about being careful on what we say. The smallest or shortest word can have the biggest effects and can lead to a lot of things, positive or negative. A word is like a small cigarette butt thrown into a basket of dry leaves inside a forest. It can become the source of the destruction of the whole forest. It reminds me of what my mom said, “you shouldn’t converse with someone when you are angry at them. Because even though you hurt them physically, all wounds heal except for the words you say, because those will forever be remembered.”
Another one is “Faith is shown in action.” The passage is very personal for me because I always have and always will believe that actions speaks louder than words and that you have to prove it not just say it. Because I think it is very easy to say that you believe and you have faith in God but very hard to prove by actions. You can easily say that people should always go to mass and pray but you yourself do not really do it. It makes you a hypocrite and untrustworthy.
Another passage that I liked is the one entitled “Endure trials patiently”. This is about the importance of not giving up easily and enduring the different challenges that we all go through. We can assume that all of us go through challenges and difficulties in this journey we call life, and we are always tempted to give up and give in to the problems. The idea I got from the passage is that we need to trust that we will be guided with the grace and love of God and that we are never tempted by him to do anything. I also got the idea that we can ask God anything, courage, wisdom, etc. just as long as we trust and believe that God will give us what we ask for unconditionally. When we doubt we are not to expect anything from Him.

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