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Body Works Essay

  • Submitted by: lzwebb
  • on March 27, 2014
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Body Works I Name: Lauren Webb
Recently three peers and I presented a warm-up physical activity routine for our Body Works I course. The objective of the entire presentation was to put everyone in the course in different groups. The different groups were assigned with different portions of a physical activity routine. For example, the warm up, aerobic, cool down, strength training, and flexibility. Each routine had to be exactly eight minutes; each group mate had to elaborate on how each movement affects the body as well as performing their on portion of the presentation.
The warm-up portion of a physical body workout is to warm the muscles and the body up to prepare for physical activity. The workout intensity was very mild but interesting enough to engage those who performed the movements. Being that this was a collaborative group effort we tried to incorporate movements that would not only go along with our high energy music but what would also draw attention to those demonstrating the movements. Incorporating movements such as the grapevine, and a freestyle portion really allowed people to feel free and have fun while doing physical activity.
We started with a high energy march in place to get the blood cells and the heart rate at a good speed so that it can prepare for physical activity. From there we went into to stretching both legs as well as performing the Quadriceps Standing. Through the research of these different steps they provide vital use in the warm-up. It’s very important to have a steady heart rate at a good speed as well as stretch muscles within your legs and arms so that when the strength training portion of the workout comes around, you aren’t straining. Overall our presentation was engaging and it informed people of how to perform a warm-up physical activity routine.

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