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Body Organisations Essay

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Body Organisation
Tissue is group of cells which is of same structure and which perform same functions. Tissue act as a shield and work as a waterproof to protect internal organs. It covers the vital organs e.g.: while doing a heart operation, doctors must go throw different layers. Tissue keeps on growing when we have a cut then the tissue will cover the cut.  
Organs are made of different tissues which keeps our body functioning alive. Without organs our body will collapse. E.g.: heart which is made up of different types of tissues and heart muscle helps to pumps blood round the body. Organs work together to keep us live. Lungs help us to breathe and if it’s gets damage then we can’t live.
Body system:
Body system is made up of different tissues and organs working together. E.g.: digestive system is made up of stomach, kidney, pancreas, large and small intestine, and bladder. Organ systems need to work together to help the body perform effectively.
Our human body is made of millions of cells. Which is made up of many different shapes and sizes, and which perform different jobs. Cell membrane is the outer cover of the cell, nucleus which controls cells activities. Nucleus contains DNA in it. DNA is the material that provides genetic in heritage from our parents and grandparents e.g.: colour of our hair, eyes. Cells need oxygen and food in the form glucose so that they can release the energy they need.

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