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Blueprint Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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What Is Going On Here?

Conventional Wisdom vs. The Primal Blueprint
In the Primal Blueprint (PB), we will challenge and reframe these major elements of Conventional Wisdom (CW). Consider these alternatives with an open mind; we will discuss each in detail throughout the text.

Grains – wheat, rice, corn, bread, cereal, pasta, etc.

CW: “Staff of Life” – foundation
of healthy diet. 6-11 daily servings recommended by US Government and numerous other experts. Provides main source of energy for working muscles. Choose whole grains for more nutritional value, and extra fiber.

PB: “Worst mistake in the
history of the human race” (UCLA evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond). Drives excess insulin production, fat storage, and heart disease. Allergenic, immune-suppressing, nutritional value inferior to plants and animals. Whole grains possibly worse due to offensive pro-inflammatory, immune and digestive system disturbing agents – especially excessive fiber.

Saturated Animal Fat

CW: Limit intake. Heart disease risk factor. “Eating fat makes you fat.” Replace saturated fats (meat, lard, dairy) with PUFA’s (polyunsaturated fatty acids) like vegetable oils.

PB: Little or no association with heart disease risk. (Framingham and Nurses Health studies). Should be major dietary calorie source (from animal foods). Drove human evolution/advancement of brain function for two million years. Promotes efficient fat metabolism, weight control and stable energy levels. Major risk factor for heart disease is actually Metabolic Syndrome, driven by excess PUFA’s/insufficient Omega-3’s, high carbs/excess insulin and overly stressful lifestyle.



CW: Strictly limit intake. Elevated
levels = elevated heart disease risk. Take statin drugs and eliminate animal foods (especially eggs) if total is 200 or over. Consider pre-emptive statin therapy if family history of heart disease.

PB: Essential metabolic nutrient,...

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