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Blood Avocados Essay

  • Submitted by: felipefreund
  • on June 24, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Blood Diamonds and Avocado’s
Why this Illegal Trade will never End?
Do you really know the background of the product that you are consuming? Well, in the majority of cases you don’t know. In this essay I will argue how two products that are globally consumed can and are in some areas of the world helping in the financing of subversive groups. These two products are diamonds and avocados. For the simple reason that that they are very low in obtaining cost and they have a relative high cost on the market place. They are lucrative products.
Diamonds, seen in society, mainly western society. As the stone of power, love, money, and success. This stone has a high demand all over the world. And because it is scarce it makes it more expensive to obtain it. There are about 9 countries were you can find significant amounts of this mineral in comparison to the rest of the world. The countries that have illegal trade of this mineral are: Botswana, DR of Congo, Angola, Namibia, and Sierra Leone; that has reduce its production of blood diamonds in a substantial manner.  
The reason why in this countries the internal war for stopping this illicit groups never ends. is because,   there is never government stability, more than 78% percent of the population lives under $1.25; so they don’t have anything to lose, it gives them the chance to feel meaningful; a psychological need. Among other benefits. So people don’t have nothing to lose, and because they will have less pain being in an illicit group than not been in one, there will always be illegal trade of this mineral.
Avocados, its demand in the last 20 years has grown a lot. Potentiated by the health movements mass media, and multinational chain foods; such as Subway, in the United States and Canada. Has made this food grow in demand.
The area where there is conflict around this good is in Michoacán state in Mexico. Were the Knights Templar (the criminal group) has taken control of the avocados.   They us3e tactics such as...

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