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Blae Essay

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Part A
The comment of ‘The only way to get businesses to act ethically is by government regulation in the form of legislation’ is false. Government regulation is the key driver to enforcing ethical business actions however it is not the only motivation or way to trigger ethical business actions. Set in to the three stage groups of pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional are individuals responses to ethical situations. Through these stages it determines the way one person’s morality comes into effect when confronted with an ethical decision. Regardless of legislation or corporate social responsibility, unethical actions can solely be triggered by ones moral judgement. I believe legislation, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory and moral obligation toward the organisation are the key drivers of ethical decisions, declaring that legislation is not the only way to enforce such decisions. Furthermore this could be developed into techniques that evaluate a person’s moral judgement and correspond with methods to manipulate a person’s conscience via positive motivation and benefits through ethical decisions.

Part B (i) Introduction
The research of green lab reported the product causes dizziness however the director assured that this adverse effect is extremely rare. Conducting another test could possibly impede the time taken to produce the product which will allow time for the competitor of a similar product to consume any of lost market shares. The ethical dilemma being faced is whether or not to ignore the research of green lab, in conjunction with thirty employees possibly about to lose their jobs if sales do not increase and the effect on Ken’s family and work life. Through utilitarianism, Kantian ethics and Virtue Ethics it will be explained how the issue could be resolved.

There are two possible actions that could be taken to resolve the issue; one would be to do a thorough re-test of the product and two would be...

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