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Bis 320 Week 1 Dq Essay

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Week1 dq1
1. Think about functional areas within an organization, such as human resources, sales, and production. What are their roles? How do they use information? How are software and hardware used in these departments to meet their informational objectives?
2. Software and hardware programs in companies are key components of functional areas such as human resources and that is relied on. The level of dependence of the organization on the software and hardware elements cannot be undermined and a failure of any kind. The system that human resources department employs lets the company know what data employees access and ensure regulation. The program that has been integrated with the department systems helps keep track of when employees login and information regarding vacation, medical absence, payroll information, contact details and work timings.
Statatistics pertaing to work regarding numbers and percentages apper in the employees systems to be viewed.   There is a separate information technology department in each organization that controls and coordinates the software and hardware and enables the employees to serve customer needs efficiently. It would be impossible to meet the objectives without the use of necessary software and hardware.
Week2 dq
How o database reports and quierries facilitate decision making? Provide three examples.
Decision making is made easy with database reports and queries which are closely related. The programs which create and find required information are referred to as database reports. Searc, location and retrieval of particular data within the database are made feasible by queries. Microsoft and excel are instances of database programs. In my workplace both applications are being   used and I use quieries to zero in on specific customer file. In
Microsoft is another example where queries can be used to ascertain clients who may have had a check transaction ont the day. Every indivi professional can run a search on this or her...

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