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Bible Essay

  • Submitted by: anthony11
  • on March 19, 2012
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The Bibles Importance
If there was such a devastating time where all books on earth were going to be destroyed, but I got the chance to keep one there is no doubt in my mind which one I would keep. The bible is the most influential book in the world’s history. It is proven in the book “Religions Importance” that the bible has influence on over one billion people in today’s world. The Bible means so much to me, because of the different struggles that I’ve been through in my life and it seems as if it always has an answer to every problem.
In the case of a crisis where the world would be turning to technology and burning all the books then it is clearly In need of guidance and the bible is the perfect out let for those struggles. There is no other book that has as much importance as the bible that could lead such a struggling civilization out of turmoil as fast as the bible could. In Fahrenheit 451, it seemed like there were many more struggles than just the mass burning of books. I know the Bible does not relate to everyone but I believe that it could help the non-believers as well as believers through the scripture.
A non-believer may wonder how the bible could help them if they already don’t believe. Even though it may seem difficult to take into account what could possibly happen the Bible I believe has such an impactful voice that it could turn people who don’t believe in the Bible to believe. If all the books were being destroyed in the world I believe that there would be a large amount of turmoil in the world just like what happened in Fahrenheit 451. There are many scriptures throughout the Bible, such as in the book of Genesis that shows Jesus leading people away from such hard ships, which could be a good example to try and show a someone who doesn’t believe in the scripture how useful the bible can be.
The key reason to the Bibles importance is simply because it is God's word. When you read the Bible, you read a message from God Himself that in most...

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