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Beowulf Essay

  • Submitted by: ttoriiann
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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Tori Panopoulos
Professor Penna
Eng 102
9 March 2012
Life Is a Never Ending Battle: You Fight, You Win, You Lose.
It is not uncommon for life to constantly challenge society with one threat after another. In fact, even on a personal level human’s are faced with things that will put not only one’s character to test, but also his or her morality and physical abilities. It is essential for any individual to bear through their hardships and rise to the occasion every time, despite the possibilities of the outcome. Whether or not one win’s every battle in their life is not of importance. Instead, the important part is that you accept the challenge presented to you and take it on full force. When an individual is capable of persevering through the constant threats in life, it shows how strong the person truly is. It is important to never give up.
Unfortunately, for the people of Denmark in the epic poem Beowulf, their troubles begin during the reign of King Hrothgar. Do not be fooled by this though, Hrothgar was a well-respected king who fulfilled his duties as king fully. Moreover, he held a peaceful, prosperous reign. With his prosperity came the creation of Hereot. Hereot was the mead hall of Denmark that brought the people together for celebrations, merriment and joyous activities. All of which made for a very envious outraged outsider by the name of Grendel. This raging, ruthless outcast oversees the merry people in Hereot and lashes out in anger by killing thirty men one night. This was not the last of his killing spree, he continued to run ramped throughout Hereot for over a decade. It was believed no one could put an end to Grendel’s reign of terror because his strength was unlike any other.
There is no denying that Grendel was an outcast. Starting from before his birth, it was determined for him that he were to be an outsider. Grendel is known to be a descendent of the Biblical Cain. This alone would keep Grendel in the outer ranks of society because...

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