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Ben And Jerrys Essay

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In 1978 Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened up a small ice cream shop in Vermont. They started their business shortly after taking a five dollar ice cream making class. Within ten years their success grew beyond belief. However, by the nineties they were faced with economic hardships and competition. In 2000 Ben and Jerry's made the decision to let Unilever take over the company. In my opinion, Ben and Jerry's should not have turned their company over to Unilever.
By 1983 the two men realized that the once small ice cream shop they started had expanded and brought unexpected success. After thinking of selling their company and then deciding not to, Ben and Jerry vowed to not all the growth of the company to overwhelm their ideas of how a business could be a force for positive change in a community. They were one of the first companies to try to go green and applied ethics to all aspects of business. They paid their employees well and gave them benefits, which included health, dental, and child care. All of their supplies were bought from ethical sources and they bought all of the dairy products from Vermont. Seven and a half percent of their profits went to charity. Their company focused on ethics and the local community and did not focus on advertisement.
The company used two approaches to business’ ethical responsibilities. One is the CSR pyramid which consists of economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropy. However they chose to focus the most attention to philanthropy and ethical. They ran their business by giving back to the community and using ethics for every aspect. The other model that they used is the
The business did very well in the beginning, but that began to change in the 1990's. They were faced with competition of other brands such as Haagen-Dasz. They were then faced with even more problems when consumers became health conscious and cut back on calories. At the end of 1994 they posted their first quarterly loss and showed its slowest...

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