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Belonging Essay

  • Submitted by: DynamicJam
  • on March 24, 2014
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An individual’s urge for needing to truly feel accepted is faced by impediments in which the venture ahead is a struggle towards achieving, however without this experience this leads to the eventual alienation of the persona. The poems ‘Migrant Hostel’ and ‘St. Patrick’s College’ by Peter Skrzynecki which tell us of the story the individual faces in life as he experiences the hardships of growing up with a foreign background, along with ‘Kickball’ a short film by Rob Bell recounting the story of a child and father who teaches him a lesson to what he truly needs in order to feel customary. Both of these texts portray the idea of the significance of strong relationships to others, as well as the lack of shared experiences upon an individual’s situation. Through an array of language devices and film-techniques both these composers explore an individual’s desire to connect.
The desire to be accepted is affected by the barriers, their physical and mental attitudes along with personal experience in which seclude them from the Australian society. In Skrzynecki’s poem ‘Migrant hostel’, he elucidates the encounter he has whilst experiencing the migrant hostel, forcing his family to comply in the ways to which they are being treated in comparison to Australian people who have a considerably enhanced lifestyle. The migrants are sealed from the rest of the world within the hostel, further demonstrating their inability to obtain the freedom to move out as “A barrier at the main gate sealed off the highway...” emphasizing of how their freedom and right to affiliate them with the Australian society was taken. The migrant states they “Partitioned off at night…” the word choice of ‘partitioned’ inhibits the physical barrier of the wall representing the idea of disconnection in the sense that the authorities would not allow them to refuge. The allusion of the migrant hostel being that of a prison changes their perspective to how the hostel is keeping them in custody like prisoners...

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