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Belonging Admat - More Essay

  • Submitted by: berserker29
  • on March 25, 2014
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Title: More
Composer: Mark Osborne
Text Type: Short Film
Date of Publication: 1998
Link to Text: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCeeTfsm8bk
Synopsis: In a colourless world, a mechanic/inventor dreams of their childhood as being happy and playful. As an adult, he works for a harsh boss and never enjoys it. At night, he works by himself, inventing a goggle-like item that represents the memories he has and also to bring out the colour of the world. When his invention has finished, it changes the way people look but it also changes the inventor as he becomes the boss he once had.
Belonging: More is a short film that more directly relates to the idea of not belonging and the ways in which this idea is portrayed. Mark Osborne incorporates many hints and clues throughout the film to send the audience a message. In the beginning, the inventor opens up to what is inside him: childhood memories that were all made from bright, captivating colours. The bright colours represent the happiness the children have while on the playground equipment. The only things in bright colours in this film are items that bring happiness in the community such as the product called Happy – a smiling yellow face. Other than the happiness that is shown, everything else in the film is of a depressing mood through the use of the colour grey.
The use of dark lighting and the colour grey is used to represent the gloomy and repetitive nature of life. Throughout the film, it shows the inventor’s daily routine of life – going to work, putting together the Happy product and then going home and inventing his own product ‘Bliss’. The repetitive lifestyle he lives is contrasted to the completion of his product. It gives birth to a colourful world that is viewed by most people. His product is a success but the inventor soon realises he himself is somewhat of a failure. The use of repetition demonstrates the harsh nature of life for everyone. As a worker, it showed his boss directing everyone to...

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