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Belonging Essay

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  • on June 26, 2014
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“An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit the experience of belonging”

Belonging is defined as idea of understanding one’s identity and the human need to feel accepted as an individual and part of a group. From this sense of belonging a person can gain happiness from secure relationships but this interaction can either limit or enhance the experience of belonging depending on the circumstances. Emily Dickinson wrote many poems often focusing on a paradoxical nature belonging and of relationship between longing and belonging and isolation and unity. “This is my letter to the world” and “I had been hungry all the years” are two poems constant with Emily Dickinson’s individual writing style which takes into consideration her context. These poems take into account the idea that not interacting with the world and others can also be limiting. “Handle with Care” written by Jodi Picoult is a novel that explores the hardships of dealing with a highly disabled child. As with Emily Dickinson’s poems, this text identifies with feelings of alienation and isolation and the longing to belong without being treated as if the persona were a bit different.

“This is my letter to the world” is a poem written a hymn style. It is essentially about the tensions between belonging and not belonging. Through this poem, Dickenson explores the world around her but the world does not recognize her, as she has been so reclusive and never stepped far into the greater macro world. Her reclusive lifestyle as expressed in the poem, limits her ability to experience belonging with anything other than nature and “Judge tenderly of me” expresses her want for people no to critique her work or reclusive lifestyle too harshly. Separation in this poem is a major focus and Dickinson and or the persona feel they are isolated as they don’t conform to the ‘norm’ of their society. Nature is the personas link to reality as she can relate to it and feels nature’s...

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