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Belonging Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Belonging is an intrinsic notion dependent on a complex number of factors, explored in Sarah Turnbull’s novel, ‘Almost French’, which examines how an individual’s capacity to belong is influenced by their personal background, surrounding environment, and a willingness to conform.

When Sarah arrives in France, her foreign background is apparent in her frequent repetition of ‘The French’ in the third person, dissociating her from the Parisian locals. The metaphor ‘Conversation is a game; the courtiers cruelly competitive’, alludes to the court of Louis XVI, where wordplay was a powerful weapon, indicating that Sarah’s ineptitude in French due to being Australian limits her ability to converse and develop relationships. The Epithet ‘Madame Nobody’ communicates her lack of identity in France, due to her embedded childhood values, shown through the rhetorical question, ‘How can you construct answers for codes of behaviour taken for granted since birth?’ Similarly, Orlando’s inability to use Verse, due to his upbringing in Shakespeare’s ‘As you Like it’, limits his status in society to that of commoners, excluding him from the upper class. This demonstrates the importance of personal upbringing to an individual’s capacity to belong.

An unfamiliar environment can also act as a restriction towards assimilation, discernable in the repetition and cumulative listing, ‘effort to make myself understood, effort to understand for cultural intricacies’, communicating the helplessness Sarah feels when confronted with cultural differences in a foreign setting. The Personification ‘I dwell on my doubts and they flourish under my attention’ emphasises her growing sense of displacement, and the Oxymoron ‘beautiful confinement’ deters from the perfection of the land’s beauty, demonstrating her increasing desire to break out of France’s confines. Her growing feelings of resentment towards the land are apparent in the simile, ‘My frustration erupts like a storm cloud’, and the...

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