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Becky Shaw Play Review

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  • on February 28, 2014
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Prof Eric Parness
Show Review
November 26th, 2013
Becky Shaw Show Review
I had very mixed reviews on the show Becky Shaw. I enjoyed the acting, the set, and the way the show was put on, but the actual plot itself confused me a little bit.
I thoroughly enjoyed the set, and the way the stage was set up. The theatre felt more intimate, and I felt closer to the characters. The way the characters used the space was very nice, both Max and Andrew walked around a lot, and moved between the two sides of the stage. This added a level of closeness, as if they were in the same room as us, and in the same space. To me, the set was one of the most remarkable parts of the play. I also really enjoyed the way the blue light was used to show a time lapse, or a scene change. That was amazing.
For the most part, the acting was very good. Each actor / actress was very good with their characters, and there were only minimal mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I saw was when Andrews character entered the room in Act two and his hat got knocked off. Instead of just picking it up like a normal person would, he broke character and looked worried for a second, then waited to pick it up. He acknowledged that he was in front of an audience, and that broke him out of a character and broke me out of the show. Also, the older Suzanna, didn’t really get all the way into character until the middle of act one. As she started the show, her accent wasn’t all the way there, but shortly into the play she snapped into character and was one of the strongest characters in the play. I loved the humor in act 1, and would have loved to see that level of humor continue all the way through the show.
The plot gave me a bit of a challenge. I loved act one. The awkward humor when Becky and Max first met was great, and the story line really drew me in. The second act completely changed pace and that confused me a lot. Becky, instead of king of light and funny like she was in the first act, became...

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