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Beauty of the Eyes of the Beholder Essay

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Eric Mullins
REOL 531
Chat Assignment 8
December 9, 2012

  1. Students should be grouped heterogeneously rather than homogeneously for reading instruction.
Before- agree
Much of this opinion is dependent upon student interests, cultures, their abilities, and the nature of the community in which you are teaching (p.548). Depending upon the level of the students, which in all likelihood if it is a public school, then there will be a wide range of ability levels. Now, with this said, I feel that students should be placed in an all-inclusive classroom, and those of which whom are struggling to keep pace, special education services may be required if other types of interventions are not improving that child’s ability in reading/writing. There should be opportunity for enrichment as well as pull out RTI time for those who may be struggling. It is important that each individual child has the opportunity to grow as a reader, and that the reading programs goals are being assessed accurately and appropriately.

  2. Teaching small groups of students with common needs is just about the best way to provide for individual differences.
Before- agree
After- agree
This I agree with mainly because it creates an environment for success. As educators we must adapt our instruction to meet the needs of all students; thus the reason for stressing differentiated instruction. Now, one way in which students can feel successful, and the teacher can work on common struggles is using regrouping strategies. Regrouping is the practice of assigning students from several classes who are reading on the same grade level to instructional groups (p.555). Students have a common ability level, and are working on similar reading skills, and feel comfortable to voice out their opinion/concern with both their teacher/peers as they all are likely struggling in a similar instance. Smaller groups allows for more one on one instruction, and much higher student engagement....

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