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Beauty Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Alice Walker’s “Beauty: When the other Dancer is the self”

    Most children think beauty is dressing up in the prettiest outfits, bows, and ribbons in your head and everyone saying how cute you are. Alice as a child turns to her family for the description of beauty. She dresses in her Sunday best so that her father will think she’s “the prettiest” and take her to the fair. She gains confidence to give her speech on Easter because everyone sees her as “the cutest thing”. While at school she looks to her classmates for the definition of beauty. Her peers make her feel ashamed and becomes the “girl who does not raise her head” before the “accident” Alice did well in school, but after the “accident” she does “poorly in school” She “prays” for beauty and at school the children “torture” her by asking what’s the matter with your eye?” and insist that she fights. As a mature adult she finds spiritual and inner beauty. Her brother has a doctor remove the “glob” in her eye. Alice began to see things differently when she visits the “Desert “she falls in love with it for the first time she understood the beauty of it. Her daughter says “Mommy, theirs a world in your eye.” Her daughter acceptance makes her feel “joyous” and “happier than she’s ever been in her life” she finds “the other dancer” within herself, which finally makes her feel “beautiful, whole, and free”.
  Now it’s been three decades since the “accident” and a gorgeous reporter wants to interview Alice and write a “cover story for her magazine” about her book. She wants Alice to choose the way she wants to look on the cover of the magazine. The reporter say’s Glamorous or whatever. At this stage in Alice life she is very sensitive to words so she says “Never mind the glamorous it’s whatever that I hear.” Alice gets very discourage about that and doesn’t want to appear on the cover of the magazine. But her husband made her realize she made peace with that. Alice began to see things differently...

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