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Bcom275 Week4 Essay

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Although the San Jose mine incident was resolved with a positive outcome, the referenced material was written at a point when the fate of the trapped miners was unknown. The communication, therefore will need to contend with this uncertainty while satisfying the public desire for information, which is a natural response in such situations. The audience for any communication will vary and the content and delivery of any message will need to be carefully tailored to ensure it meets the needs of the receiver. In addition to the miner’s families and company employees, there is also a worldwide public following events; It is estimated that one billion viewers watched the final stages of the rescue live on television (Useem, Jordan, & Koljatic, 2011).
      Mining is an inherently dangerous activity. Indeed, according to Field, Murray, Limm, and Sonnenberg (2011), “In the USA, where mining is highly regulated, rates of fatal injury among miners were four-fold higher than for employees in all industries.” Some level of planning should therefore have occurred prior to the incident as it relates to communication. The way an organization responds to a crisis situation is critical to its credibility and ability to manage the message. “Research indicates that the influence of organizational leadership is greatest when an enterprise is facing uncertain and changing circumstances, and those conditions are arguably most acutely felt during the immediate crisis in the wake of a disaster” (Useem et al, 2011).
      One of the first considerations for those managing the response is a rapid public statement confirming the event and sharing whatever information is available. This is important because in doing so speculation and rumor are controlled, and an initial channel of communication is established. Every effort should be taken to notify the miner’s families first, but it is expected that some will not be contactable. Within a matter of hours an initial statement should be...

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