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Banlance and Stability Research Paper

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Balance and Stability Research
“Pilot study assessing balance in women with fibromyalgia syndrome”

Individuals with fibromyalgia often report difficulties with balance and stability, which can often lead to falling. This study is a pilot study to examine balance as part of the experience of those with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).

The name of this study is “Pilot study assessing balance in women with fibromyalgia syndrome” (Russek & Fulk, 2009).   Researchers assessed the postural controls and balance self-efficacy in 32 women with FMS. They gave the subjects several questioners to answer prior to conducting any and all tests.   A couple of these questioners that were used were the Activates-specific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC) (Powell and Myers, 1995) and the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) (Bennett, 2005). Several balance studies on the subjects were completed as well. These involved using the Berg Balance Test (Berg, Wood-Dauphinee, Williams, and Maki, 1992), a Sensory Organization Test (SOT), Limits of Stability (LOS) (NeuroCom International, 2000),   and the SMART Balance Master® version 8.0 by Neuro-Com® using standard protocols (NeuroCom International, 2000).

The results of the pilot study indicates that most of the individuals studied had balance issues with every test. Balance deficits and functional limitations were vastly present in these analysis. At the time of this study the researchers had no other experiments for comparison. A statement by the researchers was made that there is a need for further studies in balance with fibromyalgia patients. However, this research does indicates that it might be a good idea for physicians to “evaluate and, when indicated, address balance and balance self-efficacy in patient with FMS” (Russek & Fulk, 2009) and for physical therapists to regularly evaluate the stability of patients with FMS.  

Although this study doesn't surprise many of us with fibromyalgia, it's great to know the medical...

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