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Banana Peel as Paper (Not Mine)

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Transcript of Investigatory Project
A. Description of the project
Our experiment is a handmade banana paper. We planned to make it out of Banana peel. In that way, we would be able to use our creativity in making our paper attractive, at the same time, save our environment by recycling those banana peels.
The experimental or controlled variable in our experiment is the type of material we are going to use – the banana peels. It is because it is the only factor in our experiment that will remain constant. We may change the way the paper looks, or the way it is glued together. But we will never change the raw material that we will use – banana peel, because that is what our experiment is all about. Handmade Banana Paper A. Background of the Study
B. Statement of the Problem
C. Significance of the Study
D. Scope and Limitations of the study Table of Content A. Background of the Study
B. Conceptual framework
C. Hypothesis
D. Definition of Terms A. Description of the project
B. Description of Materials
C. Description of Data Collected IV. Results and findings V. Conclusions I. Introduction III. Methodology II. Review Of Literature A. Background of the Study
We chose and conducted our study about the handmade banana paper as an alternative resource for paper because it is important for us students to take part in ensuring, protecting and conserving our environment. The best way students can contribute to a better environment is to not waste paper. The students should learn how to recycle some materials, like the paper, after using it; they can use the back part of the paper as scratch. Handmade banana paper is for those who appreciate the concept of using a natural paper material in an original and organic way. Banana paper is a natural handmade paper made from waste bark of banana tree which is cut after the bananas have been ripened. It is important for us to start looking at our environment and see it for what it...

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