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Bad Devision Essay

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1) Have you ever made a bad decision based on limited information or emotion that affected finances, relationships, the lives of others, or cause personal grief for others? Was the decision well thought out?
To answer the first part of the question I would start off by saying: I have made more then one of those decisions and I have learned from them all . I don’t know if I should give a personal example but I will anyways. I am married and some times emotions get the best of me. I have made harsh and limited information decisions pretty quickly. Which cause me in the end or my wife, personal grief. Unfortunately the decisions I made here and there where not well thought out , and it showed in the emotional pain I caused. Now as far as work I have not been in the position to effect others in the above ways. I think that learning to have emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, excel at work, and reach your career and personal goals.(Segal, 2014)
2) Did politics, economics, or social concerns impact the making of a "genuine" rational decision concerning emergency measures at NASA? Explain.
I don’t believe that politics, economics, or social concerns impacted NASA's decision. When I was reading the article, in my head, I was asking the same questions that where answered by the NASA people. Their was no way around what happened to the crew. They had no other chance at survival then to try and reenter earths atmosphere. It was the only decision that NASA could make in my opinion. Now for NASA's emergency measures, I think economics play the biggest part when trying to implement any kind of emergency measures. According to Chow ( 2012) NASA's flagship program are big, expensive adventures that aim to answer timeless questions about the solar system, galaxy and universe that we all exist in. With a mission that big how can they find a way to pay for anything other then success and mission essentials?
3) Would you have made the same decision if...

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