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Aztecs Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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When people talk about Aztecs, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Mexicans, pyramids, and jungles? The exact origin of the Aztecs is uncertain, but they most likely originated from a northern Mexican tribe of hunters-gatherers. Their main land is called Aztlan, which means “White Land”. Aztecs first appeared in Mesoamerica, which is the south-central region of Pre-Columbian Mexico in the 13th century. Mexico is most known for their agriculture, their delicious food, and exotic beaches, their agriculture and food came from the Aztecs influence. The Aztec people and culture have had a very little impact on the United States but they have had a huge impact on Mexico such as agriculture, religious views, and their culture.

Aztec agriculture was highly developed, and has definitely became famous in history. From the chinampas to the terrace crops grown, the Aztecs have done it all, they have planned and organized their farming and have worked for the benefit of their culture.

Chinampas were very important to the Aztecs they used them for planting and growing crops, it was a floating bed of soil and plants that floated over the freshwater in Aztlan. Chinampas were a method of planting that used rectangular shaped that floated on top of their water in the lake. First they layered it with mud, then sediment, then decaying vegetation until it was above the level with of the lake, and trees were also planted in the corners of rectangle to secure protection. These rectangles provided them with rich soil and easy access to water, the farmers used channels between the islands to get to each area by canoe. The Aztecs also used a method called terracing so they could provide themselves with more usable land. Walls of stones were built on hillsides and then filled to make a deeper soil that could be used to plant rich crops.   The most common crop is maize also known as corn, it’s the most important crop to the Aztecs. Maize could be stored for a long period...

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