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Autobiograpical Memory Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Autobiographical memory, a form of episodic memory, encompasses a person's recollections of his or her life experiences. These personal memories are complex and seem to contain unending strings of stories and snapshots. "The person with a good autobiographical memory could vividly recall most major life events with ease."
A flashbulb memory is a moment of time or experience that is remembered in high detail, and is exceptionally vivid moment that created a surprising or highly emotional reaction. Flashbulb memories include details like place, ongoing activity, the affects and aftermath of information. Flashbulb memories were so named because it seems as if the mind has "taken a picture" of the circumstances in which the news was learned.

Memory Distortions
Transience the decreasing accessibility of memory over time. While a degree of this is normal with aging, decay of or damage to the hippocampus and temporal lobe can cause extreme forms of it. 
Absent Mindedness lapses of attention and forgetting to do things. 
Blocking temporary inaccessibility of stored information, such as tip-of-the-tongue syndrome.
Suggestibility individual's tendency to incorporate misleading information from external sources (i.e., people, written materials, media, pictures, etc.) into their own personal recollection.
Bias "Bias refers to the distorting influences of present knowlege, beliefs, and feelings on recollection of previous experiences"  
  * Consistency bias: memories of past attitudes distorted to be more similar to present attitudes.
  * Change bias: people who have worked hard to improve their study skills distort their memory of how good they were before the course downwards (justification-of-effort bias?)
  * Stereotypical bias: e.g. racial and gender biases in memory, e.g. made-up "black" names are more frequently falsely remembered as names of criminals than "white" names
  * Hindsight bias: recollections of past events are filtered by current knowledge;...

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