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Autistic Savants Essay

  • Submitted by: JadiReynolds
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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Jadi jo Reynolds
ENGL 202/Music Essay
May 20, 2013
It’s too Late to Make it Right

Receiving death threats for a mistake made? That seems so cruel and inhumane, not to mention a bit harsh when the mistake is a 15 word sentence. There is a difference between backlash for something   having said and threats for silence.
Being afraid to speak one’s mind is no different than not having the right to. Our country runs, thrives and feeds on fear. How many think to question anything? Or to say what is on our minds without being afraid to offend someone? Not having this fear was a mistake that Natalie Maines of the female county group, “The Dixie Chicks” made in 2010. She spoke her mind, then quickly felt the repercussions of that decision, as her whole band dropped in the music charts, and lost millions of fans. The song, Not Ready to Make Nice is a song that speaks to me as well as other Americans, on different levels. I hear the emotion in Natalie’s voice while she sings, and the video tugs at my heartstrings as I see the meaning behind the artistry. This song makes a statement on their behalf and has touched the lives of Americans   across the country through vocal and visual atritstry.
How can we as Americans deny these ladies the opportunity to be the voice which express our needs and feelings? My personal opinion stands with many others when I say she was right all along. For this, Natalie shouldn’t have to make nice, or apologize for her words. I have a hard time accepting the fact that when a person turns famous, all of a sudden everything they say and do is ridiculed. Thousands of Americans have similar behavior and have what I like to call, “foot in mouth disease”. Why are people so quick to judge and point out the mistakes of famous individuals? It is an epidemic of insane proportions and that is why the song, Not Ready to Make Nice is one of my favorite songs by the ”Dixie Chicks”.
With headphones in my ears, the beat counts slow as the guitar strums a...

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