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Authors Note Essay

  • Submitted by: Krin11
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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Authors Note:
      I believe that the speech which I wrote was very well done. I think I did a great job going in depth on achieving goals. Something I did take a risk at was try to introduce two different ideas. One which was about planning your goals and knowing how to achieve them and the other was about ethically accomplishing them. This was a risk for me because I felt that by having two different topics in my speech may make my writing seem all over the place. Yet, I still decided to have both my ideas present since I felt strongly about both of those things. On the same note, I chose this topic because I believe that its very important for us high school students. As a high school student myself I've set goals which has helped me so much throughout my education and I think that other students should also be aware. Also in my speech I have used figurative language to illustrate my point such as in the first paragraph where I have set up a metaphor to relate the idea of accomplishing a goal to reaching a destination. Along with figurative language, I have used syntactical repetition. This can be seen in my last paragraph where I am repeating the phrase "it requires." Other than that, my speech is very easy and simple to understand. I think I got my point across very well. In the process of writing this speech, I got stuck at many parts but through the multiple revisions which I made, my speech turned out much better than my first draft. I added in a couple of words and made sure the entire speech flowed well. In my first draft it seemed like I had everything in chunks and pieces for example the paragraph about Abraham Lincoln seemed like it was very random at first. In my third revision I deleted a few sentences and incorporated my new idea about morally accomplishing a goal. This required me to add in a whole new paragraph along with tweak my first paragraph as well. Overall, this speech was very easy because I knew what I wanted to say. I think...

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