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Authoors Symbolization Essay

  • Submitted by: drewsky29
  • on August 29, 2013
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Justice is Served
      In Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Frederick plays an important part of the novel because he exposes how African Americans were wrongfully treated and shows how much society has grown since such cruel times. The events that take place in the novel are written from the nineteenth century during the Abolitionist and African-American Civil Rights movement. The African-American Civil Rights Movement and Abolitionist Movement were movements that organized efforts to give all African Americans the equal rights that Caucasian men and women in America had and to end all forms of slavery. The Civil Rights Movement and Abolitionist movement affected Frederick in such that it opened his eyes and he realized that all that he endured as a slave was wrongful, yet it didn’t bring him down. All the mistreatment and alienation   motivated him and encouraged him to escape the horrible life he was living and to seek freedom.
      Frederick Douglass was a slave that sought freedom and a brighter future. He was forced into a life being a helpless victim of cruelty. He was helpless, because the slavery of African Americans was the common for the time period he lived in. It was also common for south of the United States for which he was unfortunate to live in. If Douglass had not been born during the nineteenth century but instead conceived during a time period such as ours or if he was born in northern United States, he wouldn’t face the conflicts he was forced to deal with.   This being because during the nineteenth century, African Americans didn’t have individual rights like Caucasians did, even though America is the “land of the free.” African Americans were forced into a life of labor with no fair treatment. They were put out in the heat working at plantations with no pay. If he had lived in northern United States, he wouldn’t have had to deal with the brutality that he faced in southern United States. This being that...

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