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Australian Theatre Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Australian Theatre Summary Notes
Ruby Moon
Issues and Concern
Throughout the play Ruby Moon, the characters Ray and Sylvie undergo an experience of Grief, Paranoia and Fear, Isolation and loneliness, of the loss of their child, Ruby.
Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering one feels when something or someone the individual loves is taken away. Throughout the play this is shown through Ray and Sylvie Moon who are experiencing the loss of their child Ruby.   Sylvie and Ray are trapped in a cycle of their own grief, which are unable to move on with their lives because of not-knowing what happened to Ruby.
The quote “We can’t keep riding into this tunnel…we’re facing the wrong way…” spoken by ray is a metaphor of the emotional predicament of the situation that they both are experiencing.  
Paranoia and Fear is   shown in Ruby moon by the constant suspicion and fear of what could have happened to their daughter Ruby.
Fear is a feeling of anxiety caused by the anticipation of danger where Paranoia is an imaginary fear of something that may not ever occur, it’s an overwhelming sense of the danger that might occur. These two senses are presented in Ruby Moon through Ray and Sylvie, with their constant suspicion of their neighbourhood with the loss of their daughter Ruby.
Suburban Isolation and loneliness is a theme that reflects the forced interactions that ray and Sylvie have with each of their neighbours. Which reveals a society of individuals suffering of isolation and loneliness with each of their struggles. This just comes to show that suburban communities are really not communities at all.
Individuals live right besides each other but rarely interact or get to know each other, instead they remain in their houses, fear of what may occur outside. The use of the neighbours as archetype characters, represent of society broadens Flaming Tree Grove to be a microcosm of all suburban communities.

The loss of a child address the issue,...

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