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Attention Essay

  • Submitted by: AngieMa
  • on June 23, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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1. How do you define the concept of attention?
According to the dictionary attention means the act or power of thinking about, listening to, or watching someone or something.   In cognitive psychology it is the study of the way people process information and how they interpret that information. People in general will concentrate on something but ignore other things.   Since there is a limit to what we can do and pay attention to at a time then we can at a time there is not much we can focus on.   Some people attention span can last two seconds or two minutes. This all depends on the person and how their brain works. When we are listening and looking at something that interest us our attention span will stay focused.   When we are not interested in something then the attention span will not stay very long.   In order to learn we need to be able to pay attention so that we can absorb in our brain what we have learned and remember.

2. Can attention be consciously allocated to tasks?   Why or why not?
Yes it can because it is a voluntary and involuntary process to do something that you are focused on.   We will put out effort in what we want to do when and put your mind to which it gets done.   We have to focus on thing we want to do just like doing your homework, reading, or even working.   Unless it does not interest your attention will not be where you need it to be.   When you are doing a reading for a homework assignment, but you are too interested in a show that you are watching on TV you have to find a way to stay away from the TV to get the assignment done.   This is hard for some people to just focus on one thing. When you distance yourself from the thing we want done to the thing we have to do then we can focus and pay attention to those things.

3. What is the relationship between attention and cognition?
Attention and cognition are both interrelated.   Attention is cognitive because we have to put our attention to what we are doing.   Cognition is we are...

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