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Athority Figures Essay

  • Submitted by: girtm09
  • on March 18, 2012
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In private peaceful the authority figures abuse their power. Do you agree?
Michael Morpurgo’s novel Private Peaceful present’s authority figures that abuse their power excessively. Namely Colonel, Grandma Wolf and Mr Munnings, abuse their power to some extent that it almost results in Tommo and Charlie losing their home. Most of the characters in Morpurgo’s novel use their power for their own subsidy. But not all of them are bad people for example, Charlie and Tommos mother; she uses her persuasiveness to come up with a reasonable agreement with the colonel about Charlie and Tommos punishment for trespassing. Going back to what I said before Morpurgo’s novel presents authority figures that abuse their power, but not all of them are ruthless.
Private Peaceful is a novel filled with romance, action, danger, and most importantly Power. Morpurgo presents in the novel authority figures who abuse their power, mostly for their own benefit. One of the people in Morpurgo’s novel who abuse their power is Grandma Wolf. Grandma wolf is depicted as a person who can’t care less about family; all she can think about is money and manners. When Mrs Peaceful must look after the Colonel's sick wife in order to prevent them from being homeless, the Peaceful brothers are left in the care of Grandma Wolf. "Grandma Wolf" is Charlie and Thomas's nickname for their mother's mean great-aunt. A cantankerous (critical, difficult, crude), vicious old woman. She does not appear very often, yet her character makes a big impression because she is someone who takes great pride in herself and the power she has over the peaceful family. Her high standard of life makes her character even more remember-able. She also thinks that her family lets her excellent standard of life down. For example ` When he gets back he explains to mother what he’s done in a loud voice, and grandma wolf sitting beside us in her posh black bonnet, scowls at him, scowls at all of us. I know then what I never understood...

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