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Assisted Suicide Essay

  • Submitted by: kara16
  • on March 18, 2012
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Life The Movie
I would qualify this statement because in some cases we all need entertainment without it we wouldn’t be able to evolve into now and we would still be probably listening to old music instead of having uniqueness in our musicality. Entertainment may be a bad thing but how will we satisfy our needs, the past centuries music and everything else started growing it may have caused some downfall in our history but it did provide us with encouragement and something to pump us up when were heading to the war.
When entertainment was just plays with orchestra playing it was right at that time but when years went by it changed and grown to what we have now. If music did not grow then we would not be able to enjoy the wide variety of music that we have now. We would still be stuck with music by Mozart and other great musicians of the past. It may have caused our society to increase in violence with how singers sing about shooting and having sex but not all music is about that. There is other music that taps into our hearts and makes it quiver in silence. That is why the growth of music was important to our society. Other entertainment like T.V. shows and movies also needed to grow because watching black and white movies are just lame even the silent ones. Even though nowadays we have movies that involve a lot of discomforting content we can’t help it because that is how our society is now.
In my opinion we should not blame entertainment fully because there are other factors that have ruined our generations and society. We can’t only blame one thing we need to look at the other ones and see that entertainment was just a part of something big in our evolution to the new century.

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