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Assignment2 Essay

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  • on June 20, 2014
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                                                      IN SCHOOLS
                                            QUESTIONS ON UNIT TW0

  5.   Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people.
        a. Explain how different types of transitions can affect children and young people’s development.
  * Emotional, e.g. bereavement, entering/ leaving care
  * Physical e.g. moving to a new school, a new home/locality, from one activity to another
  * Physiological e.g. puberty, long term medical conditions
  * Intellectual e.g. moving from a pre-school to primary to post-primary.
      In children’s and young people’s life there is a time when changes and transition may occur. Some of these may be a normal course of their life some of them may be unpredictable (accidents, bereavement). Where time for changes and transitions are the normal course of their life, children should be given the opportunity to talk about them and discuss any concern may arise, so that they are fully prepared for it.
      There are four types of transitions which may affect children’s development: emotional, physical, physiological and intellectual.
      Emotional. All their personal experiences and their relationships with other , if this are unsettled, may affect children and young people’s emotional development. The loss of someone loved or just the loss of a loved pet or a favourite toy may have the same tragically importance for some younger children. Even when a new baby arrives in the family, the older children experience change. Younger children often find changes in family life, because of the new arrival, particularly difficult to cope with.   Adults cannot always help a young person go through a transition smoothly, but they can help to ensure that the young person has the skills needed to build the emotional resilience to get themselves through it. Some groups of children and young people are...

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