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Assessment Overview Mm300-403 (Internal Students)

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All MM300/403 Internal (on campus) students:

Hello all,

You will note from your unit material that you have three assessments. These are an online test, a group presentation and an examination. ASSESSMENT ONE (THE ONLINE TEST) is worth 20% of the final mark. ASSESSMENT TWO (THE GROUP PRESENTATION) is worth 30% of the final mark and the EXAMINATION is worth 50% of the final mark.

Please note:

  1. The assessments are compulsory!
  2. You must achieve a mark of 50% or higher in the examination to pass the unit.
  3. You must achieve an overall mark of 50% or higher to pass the unit.

Assessment One: The Online Test

You will do the online test in week five of the course. The test covers Topics 1-4 of the unit material.  

Weight: 20%
Length: 1 hour

This individually-based assessment task comprises 40 multiple-choice questions.
The test will focus on Topics 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the course only. Please note this means that the test questions are drawn from Chapters 1, 3 and 4 of the textbook only.

Students will do their test during week five of the course. You will have the opportunity to do the test on-line at any time during the week. The test takes 60 minutes. You will sit the test during the scheduled lecture for the week.

Focus of the Test

The unit test is designed to assess your understanding of theories and concepts that are presented in Topics 1 through 4 of the course material.

Lecture PowerPoint slides have been provided online and should provide guidance as to the material being assessed in the unit test. There is also a practice quiz for each of the first four Topics.

Use the Online Test Forum for discussion relating to the test.

Assessment Two: The Presentation

The presentation focuses on Topics 1-12 of the course.
Weight: 30%
Date: Your unit coordinator will schedule the presentation sessions.

This group-based assessment task is worth 30% of your final mark in this unit.
  * Groups of five...

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